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Tips when Travelling by Bus

With the summer arriving, we have plenty of travelling alternatives to recommend. Travelling by bus is one of the best options available, and a great way to save money, enjoy commuting for a change, and leave the car aside for a while. If your choice is the bus, then we have some advices to make […]

Aplicaciones Móviles

Mobile Apps in Transport Business

The New Revolution in how we move Mobile Apps are invading our phones and our lives. Nowadays, you can find Apps for almost anything, some of which are very useful and some, totally pointless. Usually, we only use half of all the Apps we actually download. According to App Annie’s report from March 2018, the […]

Elon Musk

Elon Musk bets for the future public transport

The South African visionary reinvents the goal of his Boring Company to prioritize the transport of pedestrians and cyclists with the public bus of the future. Elon Musk says that he is rethinking The Boring Company’s goal to prioritize pedestrians and bicyclists over cars, and to do so suggests that the high-speed tunnels planned by […]

Night Bus

Spain introduces “female night bus services”

Spanish cities such Bilbao, Terrasa and Vigo are launching special night bus services with adapted routes for women. This project aimed at “improving safety from a gender perspective” will allow users to get off the vehicle on request in places closer to their destination. “It is a zero cost measure that greatly improves the service, […]

Five films whose main character is BUS

Have you ever thought how many films give a particularly important role to buses? There are some mythical films where bus is not just a movie setting but an essential part of the storyline. So, get your popcorn ready because the film is going to begin!   1. Speed (1994) Speed is the first film […]

Cala de Menorca

8 other amazing Spanish places to visit

We have already recommended you 8 amazing Spanish places to visit, however that is not enough. Spain is a wonderful country that offers a great variety of landscapes, natural paradises and historical monuments that you’ll never forget. Here you are 8 places more that will surprise you.   1. El Castillo Templario (Castilla y León) Ponferrada […]

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