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Microbus, Minibus & Midibus. What is the difference?

Microbus, Minibus and Midibus There are several options of buses but it depends on your needs, you should choose one or another. Between the options, we find microbus, minibus and midibus.  These three type of buses are smaller than regular buses. They are thought for small groups, company transfers or holiday trips. And the most obvious difference…

Several Spanish Ways to Name Bus

The Bus Word in different countries Spanish Language is one of the most popular language around the world and the second more spoken after the chinese. If you are interested in travelling to any Spanish-speaking country, you could need to rent a bus to go from one place to another. So, it is important to…

Tips to Travel with Children

Tips to Travel with Children Travelling on holidays with children can be tough for the parents on holiday. But we should put away our fears and start to learn to travel with kids. Not only because they can teach us so much, but also it can be funny. Most importantly, this trip could be an…

ETIAS Visa For Europe

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System, it is a form of electronic travel authorization.

First Mobile Zero-Emission Blood Donation Buses

First Mobile Zero-Emission Blood Donation Buses Many institutions promote actions to donate blood. These informative and dissemination actions are carried out to encourage the user’s participation, hospital staff and all citizens. There is a still long way to sensibilize people how important blood donation is, as well as making this a regular habit in their…

Tips when Travelling by Bus

Tips when Travelling by Bus With the summer arriving, we have plenty of travelling alternatives to recommend. Travelling by bus is one of the best options available, and a great way to save money, enjoy commuting for a change, and leave the car aside for a while. If your choice is the bus, then we…

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