Japan and its exclusive luxury bus

Bus travel is comfortable, quick and safe. For many people, it is the best mean of transport to travel (even live!!!) because you can admire the landscapes and enjoy your journey and its wonderful sights.

That is why new lines of luxury buses are beginning to emerge all over the world. For instance, Japan. Isetan Mitsykoshi Travel is a company which has opted for luxury buses. Their designs only have 10 seats, and therefore, they have enough room to travel comfortably and many luxury options that are not within everybody’s reach. The price for each passenger is more than 1000 euros!!!

Why is this bus so exclusive?

These exclusive buses are intended to be like the business class of planes. What do their users expect of this singular bus? Space, comfort, relax, luxury and exclusivity. The buses have a capacity of 45 people; however, 10 seats are only designed. So, you can imagine the large amount of space the users can enjoy.

They are provided of ergonomic and comfortable seats. People can lie down on them if they would like to take a nap. Apart from this, a full bar service is included in the price. If the users are not interested in admiring the landscape, they can watch movies, play videogames or connect to the internet.

Japanese can purchase this service of luxury bus as a part of a holiday package that includes one or more nights in hotels. The basic pack consists of a round-trip ticket from Tokyo to several holiday destinations, and one night in a hotel and its price is 1.100 euros. However, trips of two or three days cost close to 2.500 euros.

Despite the high cost of these holidays, people have been convinced about the advantages of this mean of transport and the company is selling all the tickets weeks before. In view of the strong demand, prices are increasing.

This service is mainly requested by families and friend groups who want to spend together wonderful holiday days in one of the best buses in the world. Do you think this bus model will arrive to Europe? Maybe in some years, you might enjoy the most exclusive luxury bus.



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