Bus Routes Bus in South America

Travel bus in South America Travel bus in South America is one of the options to discover this continent. In spite of the enormous distances between countries, travel by bus is the best option. Two important reasons are travel by flight is really expensive and trains are almost non-existent, Argentina or Bolivia still have working … Read more


Transit agencies are interested in double-decker buses because they can move more passengers in a smaller road footprint than running additional or articulated buses on existing lines, which can also compound traffic jams. The fully electric-powered double-decker bus has been unveiled in London and looks a lot like every other London bus but beneath its bright … Read more

Microbus, Minibus & Midibus. What is the difference?

Microbus, Minibus and Midibus There are several options of buses but it depends on your needs, you should choose one or another. Between the options, we find microbus, minibus and midibus.  These three type of buses are smaller than regular buses. They are thought for small groups, company transfers or holiday trips. And the most obvious difference … Read more

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