5 tips if you go by bus at night

There are several reasons why we may have to travel by bus at night; a long journey, price… etc. If you must do it, here are some useful tips to enjoy a comfortable trip.

Safe journey

 If you would like to sleep, you will have to check your belongings and be sure that they are in a safe place. If you intend to travel alone, keeping your things under control is important. You may choose a seat near the driver to feel safer. Find out about the route and learn all the stops, you will rest better knowing all the information about the journey.

Invest in comfort

Comfort is essential to enjoy your journey and if you travel at night it is the most important thing of all. The selection of the seat is indispensable for a comfortable trip. So, buy your ticket with enough time to be able to choose a wider and more comfortable seat and you may also save money!

Pay attention to all the driver’s instructions in the bus stops

 Just imagine the scene; your bus has stopped and the driver says that you have half an hour to rest, after that the bus will leave. If you don’t pay attention to all these details you may lose the bus. So be careful and listen to everything the driver points out. Ask him/her if you have not understood something.

Carry some of your baggage with you

 It is obvious that you don’t have enough room to carry all your baggage with you. The big cases will travel in the storage areas of the bus, however, you can take with you a small bag where you can carry the things of value; such as; jewels, mobile, wallet… Leave the bag at your feet; you will be sure that nobody will steal it.

Bring food and drink

Don’t forget to bring food and drink! In a long journey, you may be hungry at any time, if you don’t bring food you will have to wait till the next stop. So, it is a good idea to bring some piece of fruit or a sandwich to satisfy your hunger. Take also with you a bottle of water because it may help you to avoid feeling dizzy. Be careful not to drink a lot, because you won’t be able to go to the toilet till the next stop.




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