Bus rules every child should know

Travelling by a school bus is very different from travelling by car. Children should have in mind all the bus rules which are important to ensure order and security in their bus trips. No matter if they take the school bus every day or just one-day trip, children should obey the rules without exception.

When they are waiting for the bus, children should form a single queue that should be three meters or 10 feet from the street kerb. When the bus approaches, children should wait till the bus is at a complete stop, the door opens, and the driver says that it’s okay before stepping onto the bus. This last point is very important! The bus driver is the only one who see the traffic coming toward them and he/she will tell them when the safer moment to board the bus is. If the child must cross the street to take the bus, he should check the bus when it has completely stopped and its red lights are on.

Once the child has got onto the bus, he/she should listen carefully to the driver’s instructions and not to run or push others before being seated.




 1. Fasten their seat belt 

 Provided that the bus has got seat belt, the child will have to fasten it. If there is a collision, the seat bealt will protect them from any damage.

 2. Don’t disturb the bus driver

It is very important that the driver remains relaxed and concentrated. So, children will have to keep in calm and quiet in order not to disturb the driver.

3. Children shouldn’t get out of seat while bus is in motion

 Braking could have serious consequences if children get out of their seats. So, they should never stand up while the bus is moving.

4. Be careful when going up and down

 Children should be especially careful when they get off/on the bus. They should hold on the safety bars the bus has. They shouldn’t cross behind the bus because the driver wouldn’t see them.

Safe bus travelling is easy if our children internalize these simple rules. So, as parents, our job is to protect our children from potential risks and should explain them these rules to ensure their protection in their bus trips.



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